KC and the sunshine strand

1.With her energy and joy, 

She runs across the field like a bad boy. 

Soccer is her thing, 

But little did she know that that the KC & sunshine strand would be her new fling…


And oh we are happy to have you in the team 

Moreover, your roasts and humor in the minutes feel like a dream

Come true, 

Just like you will experience you first flu (flew)

Of a kite

Just like your first bite. 

The taste is real, 

And your first kite flight was no big deal


Flying through the air, 

Like she just doesn’t care.

Superwoman is nothing compared to you 

Because you are surrounded by the next level kite crew 


At the end of the year you will experience your first rides

With ease just like the coming of the tides,

Don’t hesitate a bit,

‘Cuz that’s the way you like it (uh uh uhh yeah)


While corona gently weeps, 

I would like to introduce you our lovely Aniek, peeps

2. A big welcome to KC’s most talented frenchie,

Not many can do more than he.

Carlo soars through the air on his kite, and thats a fact.

Switched here from wake cause he knows this is where it’s at


He’s good at skating, kiting, waking, all boardsports are included,

But perhaps his greatest talent is always getting wounded.

Hit in the head by your own board or getting stitches, it doesn’t get any worse,

He’s on a first name basis with every single ER nurse.


But even with his head full of holes,

Carlo still does his rolls.

You name it and he’ll land it,

But just maybe next time with a helmet…

3. He flies smoothly through the air

with the wind in his curly hair

boogie loops and board offs

he is ready for the takeoff. 

Is a mega loop in the making?

Will he do it without breaking?


Kites in the air as the sun goes down

the KC Sunshine band is coming to town. 

Come and watch Rykiel Fijn live,

where he feels the most alive

  1. Julie Julie, 

Kitesurfing is her movie

wind blows over the sea,

She is on the water already.

Doesn’t matter if its cold,

She is no Newbie.

Her kite fam is bold

still sending  in Cape T

She is here for duty

KC the kite commitee

5. Jesse is the most talented male kiter, probably from the whole world. But since he just started he’s still pretty shit. This year in the kitecommittee, he will land his first sub 10m jumps. He will use his kafee experience to organise the craziest activities and trips. Hopefully, he won’t break his leg, as his naamgenoot did.


6. Wieger the grandpa of the group a garding angel with many talents 

Always Teaching and flying, will he find the right balance? 

23 already but his planning, still not steady 

His priority for kiting, keeps his mind thriving 

A 12 m high fly and a Jet to feel on top of the sky 

Wieger is beloved and will always be the same nice guy

Rykiel FijnVoorzitter
Aniek VankanSecretaris
Julie van der ArkPenningmeester
Jesse puppingExtern
Carlo FaulquierPromo
Wieger HilgersomQQ'er